Planning Fleet Routes Has Never Been Easier routes


The greener route planner is innovative online routing software developed specifically for fleets and mobile workforces, it generates the best possible driving directions with total fastest time or shortest distance, balancing workload, reducing mileage, cutting down on emissions – and saving money.

Saves money. If a company is under or overestimating distances, they’re losing money. Overestimation results in higher fuel, vehicle maintenance and manpower costs, while underestimating travel time results in unhappy customers and lost revenue. RouteMachine delivery optimization software avoids both scenarios, providing route maps that get vehicles to every stop quickly and efficiently, with accurate travel estimates.

Robust operation. Search any location worldwide and the cloud-based service will locate it quickly. The software includes a built-in map viewer and built-in worldwide map and road network data (making it an ideal route planner for Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia). It offers automatic location and address extraction (geo-coding), automatic road distance calculation (MapQuest road network data), and a quick and easy map GUI.

The greener route planner. Making routes more efficient doesn’t just lower costs – it also decreases overall carbon footprint. When drivers use RouteMachine route software, they reduce mileage, save on gas and vehicle wear and tear, and lower fleet emission output.

Happier customers. The RouteMachine autoroute planner directly increases customer satisfaction by helping drivers provide on-time service. When drivers plan routes that take them from site to site using the shortest route possible, customers appreciate the prompt service, and their loyalty to the company increases with every visit.

Zero setup. There’s no need to buy GIS software, map data or road network data or invest in IT – the cloud-based service offers anywhere/anytime access, free, instant updates, and supports all major web browsers.

Completely affordable. RouteMachine route software is free for up to 10 stops, and offers multiple plan options. There are no long-term contracts, no unnecessary investment.

Benefits for multiple businesses. RouteMachine delivery optimization software is good for any business with logistics activities, and for organizations that study vehicle routing, operations research and optimization.

When there are multiple addresses to visit and many work orders to fulfill, RouteMachine streamlines workflow and makes it easy to get there, get the work done, and move on the next stop, fast. Whether it is one vehicle or a fleet of hundreds, the RouteMachine route maker helps save time, save gas – and dramatically boost productivity.

About is a trademark of Total A Technologies, established in 2010. Created by a Toronto-based team of professionals with background in mathematics and GIS, the company creates new technologies that help people run efficient and environmentally-friendly businesses.

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